Once simply the “nice-extra” for the employee benefit package, voluntary benefits are now considered “essential.”  with today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce having such variety of characteristics, lifestyles and preferences,  employers can no longer can provide one-size-fits-all benefits.  Check out this article by our Chicago based regional sales director, Lynette Stevens, where she talks about the importance of benefits customization and how adding voluntary benefits can help add. 

The current tight job market has employers vying to recruit and retain top talent. So, it’s no surprise that voluntary benefits are now a mandatory “must-have” in the employee benefits package. In addition to explosive growth in the range of available voluntary benefits in recent years, their popularity among employees is reaching new heights as well. A broad benefits package sends the right message to employees and potential recruits. It positions the business as a company that listens, cares, and is worth working for. 

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