Whether it's student loans, car payments, mortgage/rent , credit card debt, an unexpected expense or some other financial matter, employees are spending time at work on these financial issues rather than concentrating on work. And according to a recent study by Career Builder, 80% of U.S workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck even though the economy is better and unemployement is down.  Check out this article by our Boston based regional sales Director, Shannon Lane, where she discusses how this impacts the company's bottom line and what employers can do to help. 

In fact, 43 percent of employees distracted by their finances at work spend three or more hours each week in the office thinking about or dealing with their personal financial issues, according to PwC’s 2018 Employee Financial Wellness Survey. Add that up. That’s 150 hours of lost productivity per year per employee who is sidetracked from doing their work because of financial stress.

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