Employers Financial Benefits Program

Employees Deliver Their Best Value When They Feel Valued


You hired the best people for the job. And you’ve done your best to set them up for success. But it can be challenging to find a balance between driving organizational productivity and building employee engagement. Choosing your financial benefits programs carefully can make all the difference.

Financial struggles employees face:

  • Nearly one-half of all U.S. employees struggle to meet regular household expenses each month.
  • 83% of employees experienced an unexpected expense in the last 12 months. 41% of them had to use a credit card to cover this expense.

Purchasing Power helps employees handle surprise expenses without having to use more expensive funding options like high-interest credits cards or pay-day loans. And because the Purchasing Power program is offered alongside other benefits your company provides, it sends a clear message to your workforce that you want them to succeed both at work and in their personal lives.

A Purchase Program That Works

Less than 33% of employees use employer-provided financial wellness programs. That’s because those programs often focus exclusively on long-term planning; they don’t address the immediate financial decisions employees face and make every day. That’s the Purchasing Power sweet spot.

How do we know it works? Because hundreds of thousands of employees actually use it.

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