Our Mission is to Offer Financial Flexibility to Employees

Since 2001, Purchasing Power has brought much-needed financial flexibility to employees. We strive to be the responsible alternative when cash and credit are not options. Our goal: to financially strengthen employees, afford them peace of mind, foster responsibility and help increase their engagement and productivity within your organization.

What Employees Say

Goal: Build Financial Flexibility


Say it reduces financial stress


Are less likely to withdraw funds from retirement savings*

Goal: Increase Engagement and Productivity


Say it increases satisfaction within their organizations


Are more likely to stay in their organization

“Being able to have a laptop for college has greatly decreased the stress in my life.”

“Having access to purchasing power is a huge benefit in terms of staying with my organization I work for. Not only does it not negatively impact my credit/savings but it helps me purchase needed items and afford to pay over time without negatively impacting my budget. I would not have bought the items normally because I would not be able to afford them but thanks to my job and purchasing power I am able to afford items for necessity and items for my own enjoyment.”

We care about employees. Here's why.