Associations Financial Benefits Program

Enhance the value of your member benefits

Employee Benefits Programs for Associations & Its Members

Choosing a smart mix of benefits is a great way to attract (and keep) new members. Our program is a voluntary benefit members will love, and it offers you an additional source of non-dues revenue.

A purchase program that works

We let people buy important items and make payments over time right from their paycheck. Purchasing Power is not a discount program, but it is a way for members to buy brand-new, brand-name products with reasonable, reliable payments.

Your association can earn revenue for every payroll deduction. This gives you an income stream that isn't based on dues or fundraising drives.

Are you an Employer, Broker, or within the Public Sector space? Check out our specialty pages tailored to you.

How It Works


You can earn reoccurring revenue with each payment made by members. Learn more about the Association Experience.

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