Purchasing Power® today launched a second website, corp.purchasingpower.com, to serve as its B2B audience website. The company’s original website, www.purchasingpower.com, will continue exclusively as the e-commerce site for Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program.
The new corporate website provides easier, more convenient navigation for employers, public sector organizations, associations and benefit brokers. It also features a simpler layout, more visuals and faster access to news and information catering to each audience.

“Purchasing Power’s mission is to ‘power people to a better life’,” said Elizabeth Halkos, Chief Operating Officer for Purchasing Power. “With the company’s remarkable double-digit growth every year since our inception in 2001, it made sense to streamline our original website, www.purchasingpower.com, to serve strictly as the purchasing portal for our clients’ employees. Our catalog of new, brand name consumer products and services has grown to more than 60,000 SKUs, so we want to make the shopping experience simplified, convenient as well as financially-responsible for everyone,” she added.

“The second website reflects our corporate presence to key audiences and partners, providing access to our program information, media newsroom, industry insights, company history and client success stories,” Halkos concluded.