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SHRM 2019: Our Session Picks

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Can you believe that the SHRM Annual Conference is next week?  We’re sure that many of you have already selected your top sessions, but as you know it’s always best to have your back ups in case the sessions are full.   And with more than 200 sessions to choose from, selecting your first choices and even the back ups can be daunting.  So here’s a list of the sessions that we think are interesting at this year’s conference and should be on your list to check out. 

The Future of Health Insurance is about Health, Not Insurance 
6/24/19  7:15-8:15AM
Mike Serbinis from League explains why health matters and why it’s not longer about insurance but empowering employees to be healthy every day.

Financial Wellness Benefits your Employees Want and Need 
6/24/19 1:30-2:30PM
Listen to a panel of experts discuss the financial benefits employees want their companies to offer, the biggest financial challenges employees face today and how employers can help.  

Employee Engagement: The Art of Valuing Employees 
6/24/19 4:15-5:15PM
Caron Greaves from Choice HR Limited will present on how engagement impacts effectiveness and practical strategies to support your efforts by linking them to business outcomes and metrics. 

How Student Loan Debt Affects Employees Across Generations: Strategies to Help Employees at All Levels  
6/25/2019 7:15-8:15AM
Kevn Fudge from American Student Assistance shares  practical tips, techniques and ideas to support all generations of employees with the complexities of repaying student loans and saving for college. 

12 Effective Recruiting Tactics for 2019 & Beyond   
6/25/2019  10:45-11:45AM
Tony Lee  offer proven strategies, tactics and techniques for successful talent acquisition in today’s tight labor market to help your company stand out from your competitors.  

The Secret ( and Simple) Formula to Keep your Employees from Jumping Ship    
6/25/2019  12:15-12:45PM
Paul Broughton from Cornerstone will give actionable tips and tricks in creating a learning culture that spurs employee retention and internal mobility- the keys to creating employee loyalty.

The Future of HR: Four Strategies to Meet Business Challenges and Deliver Maximum Impact on Results 
6/26/19 10-11AM 
Jennifer McClure of Unbridled Talent will share insights on 4 key components that HR leaders need in order to drive maximum business impact and align people strategy to the organizational objectives.  

Why a Comprehensive Well-Being Strategy is a Business Imperative, and How to Make it So. 
6/26/19 10AM -11AM 
Join Autumn Krauss from SAP SuccessFactors as she shares insights and research on how integrating the latest scientific findings and technological innovations can help improve the employee experience and increase health, well-being, engagement and, ultimately, performance.

And when you’re on a break of learning, don’t forget to come visit us at the Booth # 1924 for a chance to win one of our daily prizes and get a free digital caricature too! 

See you in Vegas