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Power Moments: Helping Employees Achieve Their Dreams

Elizabeth Halkos, COO Talks about Purchasing Power's Values

From the beginning, our purpose has always been simple. We help people buy the big (and sometimes small) things that help improve their quality of life. We started by offering computers only, but at the request of clients and their employees, we now offer over 50,000 products and services.

Employees today are under immense financial stress. And we believe that our program can help ease some of this burden by giving our customers a smart alternative to high-interest financing options. Paying for purchases through easy payroll deduction, over the course of 6 to 12 months plus the added bonus of knowing the cost upfront helps by giving employees the ability to have more control of their finances and even their paychecks. We believe that what we do makes a difference and enhances our customers' lives.

By improving employees’ financial well-being, they are happier. Happy employees tend to stay longer at their jobs. It’s a win-win for employers and employees.

Watch this video as Elizabeth Halkos, Purchasing Power’s Chief Operating Officer, talks about our commitment to employees and employers and the purpose behind the Purchasing Power Benefit. 


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