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The Big Game is Coming and We’re Celebrating the M“VB” of the Office

Football on a football field

As we write this, staffers at the Purchasing Power HQ can feel the excitement that is gripping our Atlanta base office..  We are located just streets away from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, so we’ve got a front row seat to all the action happening in our city right now. The Rams and the Patriots are suiting up. Visitors have been coming in droves, enjoying Atlanta’s hospitality and the wealth of dining, shopping and entertainment the city has to offer. 

Chances are your office is abuzz too – with predictions for the big game and with employees excited to get the year off to a positive start with new personal and professional goals, budgets and more. 

On the field, the team with the most points wins. In the office, you can score points with employees by providing them the benefits they need to succeed in the game of life. Voluntary benefits like Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program and financial wellness tools are the MVBs of HR, giving employees financial flexibility and powering them through a tough lineup of student loan debt, household expenses and aging parents. 

Whichever team you’re cheering for this Sunday, we’re cheering for you and all the ways we can help your company move the ball down the field this year.  

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