Purchasing Power is Designed to Empower Media Kit

Purchasing Power Media Kit

Purchasing Power ® is an Atlanta-based voluntary benefits company offering a leading employee purchase program for consumer products and services through payroll deduction, helping cash-strapped employees achieve financial flexibility.

Accessed through their employer or government/trade organization, our employee purchase program gives workers the opportunity to purchase the latest brand-name consumer products, online education services and vacation packages through payroll deduction, when they are unable or prefer not to use cash or credit. Participants make manageable, fixed payments over a pre-set term, with no ballooning interest, hidden fees, or late fees – it is a transparent payment plan for the customer.

Our employee purchase program allows workers to acquire household necessities—including major appliances, electronics, furniture, and automobile tires—as well as aspirational products and services through a more flexible and convenient payment plan. Our program offers an alternative to high-interest credit cards and other sub-prime financing options for customers who prefer to pay for a purchase over time. The automatic payments and 12- or 6-month payment terms empower them to budget and avoid penalty fees and ballooning interest associated with other payment options. We offer customers access to a better life combined with a flexible, more responsible way to buy.

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