Money Smarts: Helping Employees Make the Grade

Employees talking with excitement

Many employees are struggling financially and living paycheck-to-paycheck. Some employees don’t have the financial knowledge or tools to improve their situation. But employers can help by offering an holistic financial wellness program.

The workplace is becoming a key channel for these financial literacy initiatives. Like health and wellness programs, this kind of training helps employees be smart about their money – how they spend it and how they save it – so they can achieve their goals and priorities.

Organizations that commit to financial education can see less stressed, more financially savvy employees who are also better prepared for retirement.

In Money Smarts: Helping Employees Make the Grade, we'll talk about:

  • Why financial literacy is an urgent concern
  • How employees' financial situations affect employers as well
  • The definition of financial wellness education
  • The elements of a successful financial wellness program
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