The Faces of Everyday Financial Stress

Purchasing Power Faces of financially stressed employees

The world of personal finance can be difficult to navigate and too often causes financial stress. For some employees, it’s a living- paycheck-to-paycheck world, often struggling to meet household expenses and being able to save money for emergencies and unexpected expenses. For some, the concern about funding their children’s college education or retirement planning and their financial future.


Either way, it’s stressful to employees and it’s affecting their work performance when they bring their financial issues and distractions to the workplace. Their financial stress becomes the employer’s problem as well.


What’s the solution? Financial wellness education. Employers can help their employees with short-term and long-term financial issues, as well as with changing the course of their financial behavior so they make better financial decisions going forward.


In The Faces of Everyday Financial Stress whitepaper we'll talk about:

  • The numbers behind why so many employees are financially stressed 
  • What happens if an employees misses a paycheck 
  • The cost & faces of financial stress 


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