2024 Manufacturing Financial Wellness eBook

2024 Manufacturing Financial Wellness eBook

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New Data Reveals Strategies to Improve Recruitment and Retention Efforts

The resurgence of the U.S. manufacturing industry continues to flourish through current reshoring development across most segments of the industry.

Purchasing Power recently surveyed manufacturing professionals to determine the state of their financial wellness and workplace satisfaction. The results and insights have been captured in the 2024 Manufacturing Financial Wellness eBook.

Among the Findings:

  • 60% said labor shortages cause them to work more hours, impacting work/life balance.
  • 44% claimed work-related stress is affecting their personal lives.
  • 53% report their employer pays at or above industry wages, but only 22% said their employer offers voluntary or short-term benefits.
  • 87% confirm benefits to be as important as salary.

The survey results signal where manufacturers can do more to effectively stand out in a competitive climate to retain their most valuable assets – their employees.

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