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Why It Works

Our purchase program gives your clients' employees the financial flexibility they deserve.

93% of our customers says that we help ease their financial stress. And 85% said they’re less likely to withdraw from retirement savings for unexpected expenses (2016 Customer Survey).

Set yourself apart by offering your clients a no-cost, no-liability benefit that promotes employee financial health.

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Our benefit helps your clients enhance employee choice

Your clients are interested in increasing benefits options while controlling costs.

72% of employees also say that the ability to customize benefits increases loyalty (2017 MetLife)

Our purchase program is a voluntary benefit that enhances employee choice without increasing employer cost.

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Purchasing Power is the leader in our field

We're the leader in our field.

Since 2001, we've processed more than 35 million payroll deductions and $2.5 billion in orders. We've also supported over 300 clients across 20 industries.

Our experience can help you succeed, and we're ready to be your partner as you offer our program to clients.

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We offer full pipeline support, anytime registration and commissions for you

Benefits for You

  • Full pipeline and communication support
  • Earn a commission for payments made on purchases
  • Anytime registration: increase participation even outside of the typical enrollment season

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Benefits for Your Clients

  • Supports employee retention, satisfaction and productivity
  • Streamlined implementation and administration
  • Closes gaps made by traditional benefits

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