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Why It Works

Set yourself apart by offering a no-cost, no-liability benefit that promotes financial health.

The numbers tell the story of how our program really benefits your members. 93% of our customers say that we help ease their financial stress. And 85% said they're less likely to withdraw from retirement savings for unexpected expenses (2016 customer survey).

Our purchase program gives your members the financial flexibility they deserve.

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Purchasing Power works for your members

Purchasing Power works for members whether they're just starting out or in the height of their career.

From computers to fitness equipment to home goods, we carry a wide variety of products that support people as their lives progress.

And our nation-wide program is available online, making it convenient and easy to use.

Purchasing Power lets members buy important goods and pay for them over time

Purchasing Power lets members buy important goods and pay for them over time.

It's not a discount program, but it is a:

  • way to receive goods right away
  • fixed price, with no hidden or changing fees
  • responsible and reliable alternative to high-interest financing

Automated payments make getting brand-new, brand-name products easy.

Learn how we help our customers get what they need while reducing financial stress.

Improve membership recruitment and retention with Purchasing Power

Benefits for You

  • Improve membership recruitment and retention
  • Enhance the value of your membership program
  • Generate non-dues revenue of funds for scholarship program

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Benefits for Your Members

  • Helpful spending limits based on salary and tenure
  • Manageable payments, 6- or 12-month terms
  • Transparent transactions with no hidden costs

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