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Tim O'Brien: exuding star power

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien, our Senior Director of Supply Chain, was featured in Inbound Logistics. He talks about customer service improvements as well as how important alignment is across an organization. He also chats about running, the last great book he read, and who he would invite to dinner if he could choose anyone in the world.


Purchasing Power is a drop-ship operation. We hold no inventory and have no warehouses. We take orders through our website and send them to our network of suppliers, who ship directly to our customers. We ship anything from small consumer electronics and jewelry, to large-screen televisions and furniture sets.

In 2017, we focused on improving the customer experience. For instance, we're launching an expedited shipping program that will allow consumers to choose standard, two-day, or next-day delivery on parcel shipments.

This program requires changes to our website and help from our carriers to make sure they can ship to these different service levels. My transportation and logistics manager has to negotiate rates for the new services, and we need our network of suppliers to identify which shipments will use standard and expedited shipping.

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