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A recipe for steady revenue and growth

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B2BNXT has interviewed Richard Carrano, our CEO, about how to get on and stay on the Inc5000 list. Carrano talks about strong client retention and channel partners as well as general trends and dyanmics in our market.


You may be surprised to know that up-to 50% of Americans are considered “credit challenged”, which means that they don’t have access to affordable financing. When they want to make a big-ticket purchase – like a TV, for example – they can’t afford to pay it outright and don’t have access to reasonable credit, so they turn to payday loans, title loans, rent-to-own or other high-cost alternatives.

We offer a unique solution to this problem. Working with employers, we give their employees access to much more affordable and reasonable payment options. They can buy through our website the brand name products they want via favorable and fully transparent installment plans.

You can read A recipe for steady revenue and growth: strong client retention creates re-occurring revenue, and channel partners add incremental growth online.