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One Productivity Hack to Implement Now

Woman being productive at work

Some New Year’s resolutions may already be fading, but resolving to be more productive at work doesn’t have to be one of them! Much has been written about personal productivity hacks that can apply regardless of your career. Most deal with ways to be more effective by doing less. And there’s even one about being more purposeful in 2019 by using Jerry Seinfeld's productivity hack.

But what about productivity hacks for your role as an HR professional? HR departments in particular are no strangers to stretching lean budgets and being creative with dwindling corporate resources. We’ve got one “hack” you may not have thought of – mining the resources of voluntary benefit providers. 

We know you’re aware of the value of voluntary benefits. As a supplement to the “core” benefits such as health, life and disability insurance, voluntary benefits today range from identify theft protection and pet insurance to employee purchase programs and even student loan refinancing arrangements. They are a cost-effective way to offer a variety of sought-after specialized benefits that serve today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce. And most voluntary benefits are simple to implement and manage, requiring just a few hours of HR administration time per month.

So then, what’s the productivity hack involving voluntary benefits? Many voluntary benefit providers offer marketing materials and other resources that will essentially do that part of your job for you. Communicating with employees about the benefits available to them is crucial, and smart VB providers create webinars, brochures and other materials that accomplish this task at no burden to you. It is also likely that the resources they have might be better than ones you create yourself because, after all, they know what might resonate best about their offering. 

To improve your productivity, resolve to partner with companies that aim to take work off of your plate, not add to your to-do list. When you can use the resources of outside providers, it will free up your time to tackle the big-picture, strategic thinking you excel at doing.

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