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Money 101 Lessons are in Session for Future Generations of Employees

Teaching child about money

“…children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way” -- that phrase from the 1985 Whitney Houston anthem says it all. Part of that future - Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s – is starting to enter the workforce now. And the next group, which are today’s classroom citizens, will be tomorrow’s cubicle dwellers. 

Part of preparing these future generations for success in a global economy is helping them develop an understanding of how to manage money. Parents  and guardians know it’s never too early to instill basic financial understanding to encourage good financial decisions later in life, but often they struggle in this area themselves. After all, companies are increasingly offering voluntary benefits like financial wellness training, student loan repayment and employee purchase programs because their employees need help overcoming some of their financial challenges.

The downside of employees bringing their financial stress to the workplace has been well documented in study after study, resulting in lost productivity, higher absenteeism and more healthcare claims, among others. Educating the employees of tomorrow now can mean a boost for bottom lines in the future – a proactive strategy we all can embrace.

A desire to help parents give their children a head-start on understanding how to manage money is why Purchasing Power has partnered with Junior Achievement USA (JA) to introduce FUTURE POWER: Financial Lessons for Young People. 

This program includes seven downloadable modules available on financial tools page.  There are age-appropriate materials for elementary, middle and high school students that parents and guardians can use to help educate their children about the importance of smart shopping, saving for big-ticket items, car buying 101, managing a check ledger, career exploration and more. In addition, JA’s national website spotlights further tools, resources and local-market activities for students of all ages.

Learn more about Purchasing Power, a financial flexibility benefit that strives to ease employee financial stress.