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HR: Here's to you!

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We love a good made-up holiday, and National “Chaos Never Dies” Day is one of the best we’ve heard yet. Observed annually on November 9th, Chaos Never Dies Day is described as a recognition that our modern lives – both at home and at work - are full of turmoil and craziness, and it’s not going to change. 
What’s the origin of Chaos Never Dies Day? This day is well recognized on Internet calendar and Ecard sites. But online and offline, we found no documentation about the creation of this day. Most likely, the creator's life was so chaotic, that he/she failed to document it. 
But let’s face it -- disorder is everywhere. Hectic schedules, changes to plans, unexpected tasks and chores, the list goes on and on and on. Chaos Never Dies Day takes the stance that the perfect, quiet moment we’re all striving for and anticipating doesn’t – and likely never will – exist, and that we should make the most of now, chaos-and-all, and embrace the moment.

Our friends in HR offices around the country are no strangers to chaos, but they are (thankfully, miraculously) extra-talented at managing it. Where would our companies be without their ability to juggle paperwork, interpersonal dynamics, training, employee benefits, hand-holding and more? From the lobby to the C-suite, our HR heroes manage the chaos and help get our corporate houses in order every day. 

Here are some fun suggestions for how to “celebrate” the day:
•    Take the day for yourself and do things that de-stress you. Picnic in the park? Retail therapy? A long walk communing with nature?
•    Watch a feel-good movie or read a book.
•    Take a nap (if you’re at work, put in your ear buds, close your eyes and tell everyone you’re meditating). The chaos will still be there when you’re done.
And here’s hoping you have a calm and serene Chaos Never Dies Day!!!