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Benefits that matter to Millennials

A Millennial commutes by bicycle

Christy DeFrain, our Vice President of Sales & Account Management, published an article in about the benefits that matter to Millennials. She talks about the benefits and perks that Millennials care most about as well as which specific traditional benefits appeal to this generation.


Millennials are not only the future of business, but as the largest generation in the workforce today, they are also the current reality. What they accomplish in their jobs determines the success of an organization.

Older millennials (those in their mid-30s) have been in the workforce for several years. Yet employers continue to delve into better understanding millennials. It’s complicated; they are unlike any of the generations that preceded them. Figuring out how to recruit, work with, and retain millennials may be one of the biggest challenges HR faces today.

You can read Benefits that matter to millennials online.