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An Attitude of Gratitude

Fall Decor of giving thanks

Thanksgiving is T-minus 3 days away.  When you think about the name of this upcoming holiday, “Thanks” is right there in the name – Thanksgiving. It’s a season to reflect on all of our blessings and take the time to appreciate them. These aren’t just material blessings either, although the holiday season is definitely an easy time to get caught up in the “stuff” we have and don’t have.

While we’re focusing our attention around our Thanksgiving tables and our loved ones, it is also a great time to both give and receive gratitude and appreciation at work. In this Forbes article on workplace culture, author and psychotherapist Amy Morin points out ways an attitude of gratitude can have positive effects at the office, including increased job satisfaction (there’s research showing people are more likely to be happy with their jobs when they feel appreciated and show appreciation for what they have) and increased productivity (Morin references a University of Pennsylvania study that showed employees who were thanked by their managers were 50% more productive). 

How do we take steps to thank employees and demonstrate our gratitude in an authentic, meaningful way? From holiday parties and gifts to chair massages and food truck Fridays, there’s no shortage of quirky ways companies can show appreciation for a job well done. However, don’t overlook a good old-fashioned thank you note. In this electronic age, the mere effort of putting pen to paper wins gratitude points, as do a few personalized words of thanks. 

Experts recommend being specific – instead of “thanks for doing a great job,” say “thanks to your attention to detail in creating the agenda, our company meeting stayed on time, on budget and drew rave reviews from the board.”

And just like the practice of keeping a gratitude journal or reviewing a daily list of things you’re thankful for, spending time thinking of reasons to thank others cultivates an overall feeling of happiness in ourselves.

 What have you done this month to say thank you?