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3 things employees and employers see differently about voluntary benefits

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Are your employees feeling the love with their voluntary benefits?

While employers and employees agree on the importance of voluntary benefits, there are three things they see differently:

  1. 78% of employers think their voluntary benefit program reflects the diverse needs of their employees, but only 29% of employees agree.
  2. 60% of companies don’t offer benefits that help employees with basic budgeting, yet only 22% of Americans have enough emergency money saved to cover 6 months of expenses.
  3. Only 25% of employers think they leveraged their benefits program to retain employees at all levels, but 61% of employees are likely to stay with their current employer primarily due to the voluntary benefit package offered.

Make sure your employees know you care. A comprehensive and well thought-out benefits package shows employees that their company cares about them as an individual.

Share our complimentary infographic that covers these three points with your peers.